Lesley Russell Qualifications & Experience

Academic Qualifications & Training:

  • Bachelor of Arts, Honours (Psychology) – University of Sydney, 1996
  • Master of Psychology (Clinical) with Merit – University of Sydney, 1998

Academic Awards:

  • Dean’s List of Scholars, Faculty of Education, University of Sydney, 1995
  • Headfort School Prize for Education, University of Sydney, 1995

Endorsement by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)


  • Area of Practice: Clinical Psychology


  • Psychology Board of Australia –http://www.psychologyboard.gov.au– Registration Number: PSY0001320659
  • Health Insurance Commission (Medicare) Registration Provider Number: 2576124H
  • Previously approved psychologist by State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) to deliver therapy in the NSW Workers Compensation system and by Victims Services to provide counselling to victims of violent crime (I no longer accept these referrals)

Professional Memberships:


  • Interview in article, “I always cry on my birthday so I asked a psychologist why“, by Lucy Cocoran, on Whimn (with her in mind) website, 24/3/2020: https://www.whimn.com.au/strength/mind/i-always-cry-on-my-birthday-so-i-asked-a-psychologist-why/news-story/ff73499c530fdbad1eed8bbee8df130c
  • Interview in article, “How to tell if you are dealing with a somatic narcissist”, by Lucy Cocoran, on Body and Soul website, 5/2/2020:


  • Interview in article about orthorexia, (an unhealthy obsession with “health”), Teens chase counselling for addiction to ‘healthy diets'”, by Julie Cross, The Manly Daily, 19/05/2019.
  • Interview in article about the effect of photo-shop on girls’ self-esteem, “Picture Perfect”, Girlfriend Magazine, April 2013.
  • Letter about body image and psychological problems, Hawko Controversy Misplaced”, The Manly Daily, 07/01/2010
  • Bornholt, Brake, Thomas, Russell, Madden,Anderson, Kohn & Clarke (2005). Understanding affective and cognitive self evaluations about the body for adolescent girls. British Journal of Health Psychology, Vol 10, No 4: 485-503.
  • Russell, Bornholt & Ouvrier (2002). Brief cognitive screening and self concepts for children with low intellectual functioning. British Journal of Clinical Psychology, 41: 93-104.
  • Ideas to manage your fear of needles. Pamphlet, Westmead Hospital and Community Services, 1998.
  • Letter about research and treatment of eating disorders, Victims of Culture, Sydney Morning Herald, 20/06/1996

Experience as a Clinical Psychologist:

  • Community Adult Mental Health providing assessment and therapy for individuals, couples and groups with a range of psychological problems and mental illnesses.
  • TAFE Counsellor at Bradfield Senior College working with adolescents with psychological, learning & personal problems (and counselling their parents).
  • Brain Injury Rehabilitation for adults, adolescents and their partners/families, assisting with adjustment to mood and behavioral problems related to traumatic brain injury.
  • Drug and Alcohol Service (Non-Government Organisation) providing psychological assessments for clients and mentoring to counselling staff.
  • Private Practice since 2002 (full-time from March 2012), providing psychological assessment, therapy & counselling to adolescents, adults, couples and parents for a range of psychological disorders, problems and issues (including being a registered provider of psychological treatment for WorkCover, and assessment & counselling services for Victims Services – victims of violent crime. Please note I no longer provide services under WorkCover or Victims Services).

Experience as an Intern Psychologist:

  • Community Adult Mental Health
  • Community Adolescent Mental Health
  • Acute Adolescent Psychiatric Inpatient Unit
  • Gynecological Oncology
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