Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

What is Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)?

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy acknowledges that everyone experiences painful thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations that we can’t necessarily control, change or get rid of. Acceptance & Commitment Therapy helps you learn to accept them and decrease their negative influence and impact on your life using mindfulness skills, which are based on Eastern psychological and spiritual practices, like in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. Acceptance & Commitment Therapy also helps you to feel motivated to commit to actions that are in line with your personal values, in order to enrich and give meaning to your life.

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy is part of the third wave of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. It focuses on changing the way we respond to our thoughts rather than trying to change the content of our thoughts. Scientific research is starting to provide evidence that it is an effective therapeutic approach for many issues and problems.

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